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<p>Overview</p><p>This one-month certification course aims to equip participants with knowledge of research methodologies and SPSS application in data management, graphics, and statistical analysis, the essentials of research projects/thesis/dissertation development.</p><p>Key Contents of the workshop</p><p>a) General introduction to research methods & research designs</p><p>b) Academic writing(process, format, structure, etc)</p><p>c) Selection & structuring of data collection tools </p><p>d) Referencing, Citations styles and plagiarism</p><p>e) Data collection Do’s and Don’ts</p><p>f) SPSS usage</p><p>i.Introduction to SPSS for survey data analysis. (Structuring data collection tool into SPSS)</p><p>ii.Conventional data cleaning procedures using SPSS</p><p>iii.Descriptive statistics for continuous variables and categorical variables using SPSS (frequencies, measures of central tendencies and measures of dispersal)</p><p>iv.Diagnostic statistics of continuous and categorical variables using SPSS (Chi-square and correlation tests)</p><p>v.Reliability and validity tests using SPSS.</p><p>vi.Regression Analysis using SPSS.</p><p>vii.Data visualization and interpretations of Analytic outputs/research findings.</p><p>Who should attend?</p><p>•Education professionals and postgraduate students aiming to develop quality research papers necessary for completing the registered courses.</p><p>•Professionals engaged in data analysis and interested to learn basic statistical skills in analysing raw data and reporting the results for decision making; and</p><p>•Research scholars interested in improving and expanding their statistical analysis skills.</p><p>What the workshop includes?</p><p>•Hands-on practices using the latest version of the SPSS package.</p><p>•Student manual with step-by-step processes to practice on all discussed exercises.</p><p>•Workshop certificate.</p><p>Duration, Venue & Fees</p><p>• 08/06/2021  to 08<span style="font-size:.875rem;">/07/2021 ( </span>3 days in week for 2 hrs daily<span style="font-size:.875rem;">)</span></p><p>•Virtual</p><p>•KES 20,000 per participant.</p><p>What else is required?</p><p>•The course will blend both theoretical and practical lessons on SPSS usage on a daily basis. Subsequently, you will be required to have a laptop with the programme already installed before attending</p><p><strong>Payment details:</strong></p><p><strong>Cheques details:</strong> In favour of the Kenya Institute of Management </p><p>Cash Transfers: Commercial Bank of Africa – Wabera Street Branch
Account Number: 6425720016. Swift Code CBAFKENX<br></p><br><p><strong>MPESA PAYBILL NO</strong>:   896600     <strong>ACCOUNT NUMBER</strong>: Participant name</p><p>For Enquiries and Registration</p><p>Please Contact: Martin James or Peter Njoroge</p><p>Telephone: 0701711117or 0722497099</p><p>Email: or </p><br>


Training Research Methodology & SPSS
Online Training (Evening Classes) 17:00 PM
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