The Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) is a membership based non-profit making professional management organization committed to the promotion of excellence and integrity in the practice of management. The institute was established in 1954 as a premier institute that provides management consultancy and capacity building services to corporate organizations and other institutions. The KIM’s SME Solution Centre (KIM-SSC) is a strategic business unit of the Institute that was established to promote professional management practices in the SME sector.

The mission of the Centre is to promote entrepreneurship and support the creation and growth of sustainable small and medium enterprises through the enhancement of entrepreneurial and professional management practices. We do this through provision of quality training, research and consultancy services with the sole aim of assisting SMEs build their capacity for growth as they play a key role in wealth and job creation for this nation. Through our countrywide network of 22 branches, KIM is able to work with SMEs in various counties as well as partner with development agencies in projects that have a nationwide scale.

The overall goal of the Centre is to enhance and promote entrepreneurship and enterprise development as a vehicle for wealth creation and economic development.

  • To acknowledge that all persons are capable of learning and improving their work environment
  • To continually add to the understanding of the SME sector’s needs through research, share such knowledge with other stakeholders for the benefit of the country
  • To grow globally competitive enterprises for the country’s industrialization and economic development
  • To create strategic sustainable networks and partnerships with local, regional, international agencies and the government
  • To continuously promote values and ethics in all aspects of entrepreneurship development Business Preparedness – We offer business consulting services in entrepreneurship for start-ups and entrepreneurs. We also support the start-ups in business mentorship and coaching programs to ensure these businesses grow and break-even for sustainability.
  • Strategic & Business Planning We help entrepreneurs develop business plans for new and existing business ideas into well conceptualized and viable businesses that can attract financing or strategic partnerships.
  • Business Development Services We provide tailor made business solutions i.e. consultancy, business advisory and training programs for SMEs for the purposes of improving their business process and operations.
  • Business Assessment Uses the Organizational Performance Index (OPI), a business excellence framework that enables organizations to improve operational performance and ultimately enhance business competitiveness. This leads to Company of the Year Awards (COYA) and SME of the Year Awards (SMOYA).