The training is targeting teams of OPI Champions nominated by the participating companies.  This is the team that will spearhead the implementation of OPI in the organization. The three day programme is aimed at equipping OPI champions with the skills to enable them conduct self-assessment based on OPI framework.


The training is specifically designed to:

  • Familiarise the participants with the OPI tool and the scoring guidelines which will build internal capacity for self-assessment culminating into implementation of business excellence model within the organisation
  • Introduce the participants to Quality Management tools, approaches, processes and systems thinking
  • Enhance the  participants understanding of the seven (7) determinants of the OPI process
  • Equip participants with tools and insight to influence the development of their sectors and industries
  • Provide a forum to share proven and best management practices and standards


At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the OPI tool in carrying out the self-assessment exercise for organisation
  • Appreciate the various frameworks and models of quality management
  • Do gap analysis between their processes and results based on global standards within their respective industries.
  • Drive continuous improvement within their organizations and to sharpen their competitive edge at the most cost effective way
  •  Analyze their organization’s productivity rigorously and build relevant and targeted business strategies for the future