Africa Governance, Leadership and Management Convention is a round table that brings together the Private and Public Sectors in Africa, to reflect on matters of mutual interest. The meeting is convened by the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) in concert with the Africa Leadership Forum (ALF) of Nigeria, with H.E. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo as the Patron.

The Convention was started in the year 2010. Five meetings have since been held. Deliberations and resolutions of the meetings have been shared widely with African Governments and with development partners. The overriding objective is to make Africa a peaceful hub of human and economic development and reclaim some of the continent’s historical glory in past epochs. Previous meetings have centered on creating enabling environments for wealth and job creation, human capacity building and proactive focus on peace and security.


 The 2015 Meeting

This year’s meeting focuses on The Private Sector in Africa and Emerging Global Security Challenges and Concerns. It is recognized that economic and human development will thrive in environments that have been deliberately nurtured to be supportive of growth. The global community is today in the grip of completely new challenges and threats, previously imagined. Foremost among these are global terrorism and the emergence of new situations and challenges in health.

Global Terrorism

International terrorism is easily the foremost threat to global peace today. Situations that begin as local competitions and conflicts soon grow out of proportion to become regional and international contestations with far reaching consequences on peace, economic and human development. The big irony is that the world has become endangered in an age of great technological advancement. We live in the age of information and communications revolution, thanks to the wonders of cybernation and aviation. It is also the age flourishing in education and superabundance of knowledge and information, virtually at your fingertips.

It is the great irony of our age that while there should be greater and better human understanding across the globe, whole societies now live in the grip of fear of international terrorism.
The spinoff is that investment environments are increasingly endangered, as is economic and human development. The private sector works best in environments that are free of violence and insecurity. Africa continues to absorb some of the worst shocks of global terrorism. These have targeted some of the foremost African economies, such as Nigeria, Kenya and Egypt. The rest of the continent is not free of the vagaries of terrorism. How should the continent confront this challenge to create safer environments for the Private Sector?


What contribution can the Private sector itself make towards confronting the threat of global terrorism? This will be one of the two critical foci for the Africa Governance, Leadership and Management Convention 2015

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