Individual Membership

Individual membership is open to all practicing managers in both public and private sector desiring to participate in the advancement of professional management knowledge and practice. The Membership enables you to attend meetings and functions and participate in other institute activities. Members have full voting rights at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The table below shows different grades of membersip and their entry requirements:

The grade is open to students in universities, polytechnics and other middle level institutions recognized by KIM are interested in KIM membership

Entrance fee/Annual Subscription: 3,000

The grade of Associate member is awarded to persons who are actively engaged in industry, commerce or public organisations and have demonstrated clarity in understanding management practice. In addition, applicants must show evidence of continuous professional development.

Entrance fee: Ksh 2,000
Annual Subscription : Ksh 4,000
TOTAL: Ksh 6,000

The grade of Full Member is awarded to persons holding executive management positions and have contributed towards the advement of theory and practice of management as demonstrated by qualification, experience and size of the organization they lead. In addition, the person must show evidence of continuous proffessional develpment.

Entrance fee: 2,000
Annual Subscription : 6,000
TOTAL: 8,000

The grade of Fellow is the highest grade in KIM membership and is awarded to members whose work and individual efforts have contributed immensely to the promotion of excellence and integrity in the practice of management in Kenya and beyond. In addition, the member must have contributed to the growth and development of the Institute. The grade is awarded on invitation by the Council.

Annual Subscription 10,000.