Through OPI, participating organisations are rated according to their performance and competitiveness on a scale of 1-10. The model sets a minimum score that an organisation must attain to remain competitive and rating is determined following a rigorous internal and external assessment process.  The organisation’s processes are assessed and combined with its business results using a weighted formula to determine the scores for a set of global determinants and sectoral indicators.

The OPI model uses 7 global determinants, namely

  • Leadership and Management
  • Human Resource Focus
  • Customer Orientation and Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Innovation, Information Technology and Knowledge Management
  • Corporate Citizenship and Environmental Focus
  • Productivity and Quality

The objective of the OPI framework is to ensure that organisations are defining and executing strategies designed to meet the needs of all stakeholders.  Organisations are then assessed according to indicators specific to their particular sector: Agriculture; Education and Training; Financial Services; General Consumer Services; Government; and Utilities; Healthcare; Hospitality; Manufacturing; Pharmaceuticals; Food Processing and Telecommunications to enable them to benchmark performance and competitiveness against industry peers.

Organisations undergo a rigorous self-assessment process, enabling leadership teams to identify critical issues which impact on productivity and performance yet may remain “white elephants” or go unnoticed during business as usual. In this way, OPI enables leadership teams to hold up a mirror reflecting the real state of their organisation, empowering decision makers to develop strategies based on an accurate and comprehensive understanding of current performance and to prioritise critical areas of intervention to boost future performance.

Ultimately, OPI unveils a new generation of local heroes – leaders who can inspire others to emulate their success through sharing experiences and best practices for performance excellence.

The OPI journey consists of the following steps:

1. Presentation to Senior Management on OPI Business Excellence

2. The organisation registers and create a team of “OPI Champions”

3. The OPI Champions complete a comprehensive training program on OPI implementation

“The Business Excellence Program”

4. Organization conducts self-assessment backed up by comprehensive supporting evidence.

5. Desk analysis by OPI external consultants.

6. 1 day Site Visit Assessment to the organisation.

7. Consolidation of analysis into an advisory report, submitted to OPI Technical Committee (OTC) for validation.

8. OPI Technical Committee issues the validated advisory reports to the participating organisation.

9. Presentation of Feedback Report.

10. Company Of the Year Award (COYA)