KIM Diploma students are eligible for graduation after satisfying the requirements of the Board of Examiners. Students preparing to graduate should review the graduation checklist to ensure they have taken the necessary steps for completion of the Diploma. A student must complete all Diploma requirements and clear all financial obligations prior to the graduation.

(i) Examination Results

Graduands should ensure that all results for the respective courses they undertook are complete with no unresolved issues. The results of examinations sat during a particular academic year are available from the offices of the respective KIM Branches during working hours. The graduands should confirm the inclusion of their names in the graduation lists. Graduands should ensure that their names are as they should appear on their certificates in terms of order of names and spelling correctness failure to which correction will attract a fine.

(ii) Rehearsal

Graduands wishing to participate in the graduation ceremony MUST attend the rehearsals on the date and venue communicated. Graduands attending the rehearsal must be seated by the stated hour and be in complete attire.

(iii) Fees and other clearances

Graduands must have cleared any outstanding fees arrears and all other dues owed to the Institute by the said date, failure to which they will not be included in the graduation booklet or be allowed to graduate or collect their certificate.

Must have cleared with the respective KIM departments e.g. Library, Admissions, Projects, Training, Examinations and Accounts.

(iv) Graduation and collection of gowns

Only candidates who have successfully completed their course work, fees and attachment by June  shall be allowed to graduate. Students will surrender their original National ID on collection of gowns from the respective KIM branch. Returning of gowns back to the office will be done on the specified dates with a penalty of Kshs. 200 applying for any day one is late (holidays included). At no time should a graduand send emissaries so that one is clear on the requirements for a successfully completion of ones course.


Certificates for those candidates who qualified for the award shall be processed within six months after the declaration of results. Award of Certificates and Diplomas shall be done when a candidate:

– Has passed all the written examinations at the Certificate level.

– Has passed all the written Diploma examinations, and has successfully completed the research project and industrial attachment.

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