Corporate Membership

This category of membership is open to all companies and other institutions committed to the advancement of professional management knowledge and practices in their respective institutions.

Corporate Membership enables organisations to participate in all activities of the Institute and to send representatives to attend its meetings and functions. At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) representative members have full voting rights. The number of representatives an organisation can nominate depends on the size of its managerial and supervisory staff as shown below:

Grade Entitlement of representative members Required no. of managerial & supervisory staff Entrance fee 2000 + annual subscription fees (in Ksh)
Corporate Member 2 CM2] 2 1 to 50 Entrance Fee: 2,000
Annual Subscription: 10,000
TOTAL: 12,000
Corporate Member 3 [CM3] 3 51 to 150 Entrance Fee: 2,000
Annual Subscription:12,000
TOTAL: 14,000
Corporate Member 4 CM4]) 4 151 to 200 Entrance Fee: 2,000
Annual Subscription: 14,000
TOTAL: 16,000
Corporate Member 5 CM5] 5 201 to 400 Entrance Fee: 2,000
Annual Subscription: 16,000
TOTAL: 18,000
Corporate Member 6 [CM6] 6 Above 400 Entrance Fee: 2,000
Annual Subscription: 18,000
TOTAL: 20,000


  1. Access to KIM Resource Center countrywide and KIM online resources and services: e-journals ,business websites and online databases.
  2. Free Mailing of the KIM MANAGEMENT Magazine- East Africa premier magazine business, management and leadership.
  3. Opportunity to advertise in the KIM MANAGEMENT Magazine at discount rates.
  4. Opportunity to advertise your products and services at a discounted rate during management forums and conferences.
  5. Opportunity to attend management forums and conferences on management issues
  6. Opportunity to attend membership CPD programs
  7. Discounts on KIM wide range of trainings, Conferences and Seminars
  8. Access to KIM Management Research and Consultancy Services
  9. Opportunity to attend Quarterly luncheons and dinners for networking
  10. Access to a vibrant Executive Search and Selection Services that links employers with potential employees.
  11. Access to KIM Management Research & Consultancy Services
  12. Participation in KIM Manager’s Golf Tournament

Corporate Membership Upgrade
The hierarchy of corporate membership is based on the number of employees an organisation has. It is therefore important for organisations to notify the institute of changes in establishment for purposes of upgrade.