KIM Alumni

The KIM Alumni association is meant for former students, faculty and staff to maintain and develop their links with the institute and each other. It encourages graduates to remain part of the KIM family after they have left the institute.

Its mission is to support and promote the interest of alumni and the school community by enabling alumni to strengthen the bonds between KIM and its alumni community, by creating personal links with alumni, providing alumni services and by rebuilding connections among alumni, students and the school.

  • Continue developing and maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship between the Alumni and Institute.
  • Offer graduates a focal point of support and coordinate their activities
  • Create a pool of experts who will contribute to mentorship of upcoming and existing alumni.
  • Assist with industrial attachments and job placements for KIM students
  • Foster Career and Life Networking
  • Promote awareness of alumni activities and accomplishments among all alumni, students, faculty and staff

The Alumni let their community know what you are doing e.g. start up of new business, recent marriages, births, job changes, promotions, business successes or any upcoming events.

  • Exclusive access to KIM Resource Centers countrywide.
  • Exclusive access to KIM online resources and services: e-journals , business websites and online databases
  • Privileged contact with fellow prosperous alumni.
  • All registered members receive regular news and information on services available to them.

Events Calendar – A listing of upcoming events, social gatherings, educational, networking, events, alumni or KIM faculty speakers and reunions are provided to the alumni.

KIM Alumni Functions – These are held in the branches and communicated to all registered Alumni where guest speakers drawn from the alumni, who have excelled in various fields to speak to the Alumni and current students. These activities will also be organized in the branches.

Membership – An opportunity to be an individual member which is open to all practicing managers in both public and private sector desiring to participate in the advancement of professional management knowledge and practice. On application to membership the entrance fee for Alumni will be waivered.