Our Programmes

Education management programmes offered by KIM School of Management give organizations and individuals an opportune time to benefit from high quality management training. Management is one of the key pillars in any organization for its survival, growth and expansion. All organizations (Not for Profit, the Government and the corporate world) require the practice of sound management principles and practices. Globalization of business has brought competition right to the door step of organizations. Those charged with steering the affairs of their organizations; need to be fully and adequately prepared. They need to have modern and cutting edge knowledge, skills, competencies and habits; they should also be continuously learning and applying new and tested models of management. Management education, training and development are required more today than ever before, for the managers to effectively and efficiently operate their organizations successfully.

The KIM School of Management programmes take into account progression beginning at bridging level and progress to Certificate and Diploma level. The programmes cut across diverse areas of specialization in management which includes: Business Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Public Relations Management, Purchasing and Supplies Management, Project Management.

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