March Forum: Transitional Management

A vibrant management forum took place on Thursday 28th 2013 at the Hilton Hotel Nairobi. Guest speakers included George Kithii, an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and Wanjiru Gikonyo National Coordinator the Institute of Social Accountability.

Both speakers tackled questions touching on Local Authorities, the new system of county governments and the functions and powers of the national and county governments.
Mrs. Gikonyo explained how TISA has been able to influence the design of Kenya’s devolved governance structure through active and informed input in the policy and legislative process. She further explained the duties and roles of elected posts.

Mr kithii cautioned on the excessive power the governor will get. To him, a county government shall plan for the county and no public funds shall be appropriated outside a planning framework developed by the county executive committee and approved by the county assembly. The county planning framework shall integrate economic, physical, social, environmental and spatial planning.

Both speakers were certain that the devolved system of government is the most transformative aspect of Kenya’s governance in the Constitution of Kenya2010. And were hopeful it will seek to redress ingrained regional inequality, unemployment and low growth by devolving political and financial responsibility to counties.