Certificate Courses

The Certificate in Management course is aimed at students who aspire to positions of professional leadership and responsibility. The course approach allows students to later follow specialized study to develop their understanding on management development, role of Human Resources Management in Organizations, Roles of legal Regulatory bodies and overall principles of Purchasing and Marketing. This course introduces the learner to key concepts of management and units covered include

  • 100. CCM 1 Principles of Management

This course is intended to equip the learner with knowledge, skills and practical experience necessary to understand simple business operations.

  • 101.CCM 2 Principles of Accounts

The unit is intended to equip the learner with necessary knowledge of the basic accounting principles, comprehension of the double entry system of book-keeping and ability to adapt it to different situations. It also aims to impact to the learner the ability to prepare simple financial statements of an entity, and the ability to interpret the information contained in ordinary financial statements.

  • 102.CCM 3 Business Communication and Office Management

The course is intended to equip the learner with communication skills and to impact the ability to communicate effectively through various communication tools in a modern business setting.

  • 103.CCM 4 Introduction to Law

The course aims to introduce learners to law; the laws of Kenya, the judicial and litigation process, family law, law of persons, laws of succession and law of property.

  • 104.CCM 5 Principles of Purchasing

This unit intends to develop student's knowledge of purchasing principles, procedures and documentation.

  • 105. CCM 6 Principles of Marketing

The unit aims to equip the learner with basic knowledge of product marketing and commercialization strategies. It introduces the marketing decisions that modern organizations make in a competitive market place

Entry Requirements

  1. Minimum entry requirements are either KCSE mean grade D+
  2. Or O-Level Division III
  3. Or A-Level certificate
  4. Or KATC Intermediate level
  5. Or A Certificate in a Non-Business related field
  6. Or An equivalent qualification from a recognized institution
  7. Pass in single subject bridged, mean grade C-

Duration: 6 months (each semester 3 months)

Fee Structure

Item Cost
Semester 1 19,000
Semester 2 19,000
Total 38,000
    Certification: A Transcript and Certificate in Management shall be issued upon successful completion of this level.

    Progression: Passing in all the six units will qualify the learner for entry to Diploma in Management Section 1