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Good learning environment sparks innovation

IS THERE A HEALTHY and honest dialogue, or are managers simply giving directives and expecting employees to carry them out? Are training and learning high priorities in your organisation? Are the values of the organisation clearly stated? Do most employees know what these values are and live by them?

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How to nurture a thriving culture of innovation in an organisation

I was recently invited to speak at a forum on how to start an in-novation programme. We focused on how to create an environment that encourages innovation. We also wanted to make it as simple and straight forward as possible. This was informed by the fact that innovation programmes should make things effective, more sys-tematic and predictable.

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Why clear business model is essential for your venture

It is common for organisations to struggle with their business models. This is common where there has been no deliberate effort to craft and constantly review the business model. It is also common where too many activities may be confused with the business models.

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Keeping pace with new trends makes you dynamic

A growing organization that is innovative and competitive must continuously endeavor to keep its employees open minded, flexible and easy to change their old ways of doing things. This will ensure that the employees are adoptive and are continuously looking for new and constructive lessons.

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How leaders can guide change in their organisations

Most of us want things to remain exactly as they are. We fear change. When you lead, therefore, you must acknowledge the fact that most of the people you lead will want things to remain as they are, even when it is clear that the status quo is not tenable. As a leader, your challenge is to help them confront the inevitable, with confidence and enthusiasm.

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